Ships and docks

Here are some photos of ships and docks. None of these photos have any inscriptions on the reverse.


More info on a mid-air collision in Japan

From Bill Butler:

Both were taken at Itami AB, Japan I believe.  The tail number (serial number) on the one could be either 44-74286 or 44-74296.  Interestingly enough, both aircraft with those tail numbers were assigned at Itami during the period your father was there.  The 296 was involved in a bad crash later in December, and was a total loss.

… the 433 FS was temporarily attached to the 347th Fighter Group from Nov 1947-Aug 1948, which is when the squadron moved to Itazuke in Nov 1947.


December 1947 USAF Accident Reports


KMAC Killed, Mid Air Collision
471228  P-51D  44-73711 433FS 347FG Itazuke AAB, JPN 5 KMAC 4 Oline, Richard A JPN 75M WSW Itazuke, JPB
471228  P-51D  44-74296 433FS 347FG Itazuke AAB, JPN 5 KMAC 4 Ristich, Alex E JPN 75M WSW Itazuke, JPB

Korea 1946

My dad worked as a P-51 mechanic during the Korean conflict.