Offutt AFB, Nebraska, 1970

Here are two photos taken at SAC headquarters, Offutt AFB, Nebraska. The one with me in it shows us in front of one of his favorite cars, a Morris Minor he bought for $50. The second one shows him on his retirement day, February 26, 1970.


Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, FL 1946

Interesting history of Morrison Field–decommissioned in 1947. My dad was there in 1946, before he left for Asia. My grandfather went to visit him there–the only time he ever left the state of Alabama, as far as we know.

Stamp: McClelland, FLA April 23, 1946.
Stamp: McClelland, FLA April 23, 1946.
Stamp: "McClelland FLA April 23, 1946"
Stamp: “McClelland FLA April 23, 1946”

Paris 1951