433rd Fighter Squadron of the 475th Fighter Group

Another email from Bill (the files are attached at the bottom of this post):

I just struck gold!  By a stroke of fortune, I was actually able to access the
online unit histories at AFHRA (which I though were down).  When you mentioned
Itami to me below, it led me to the 433d Fighter Squadron, a subordinate of
the 475th Fighter Group.  Then wouldn’t you know, I found your father’s name
in the September 1946 history!  If you look in the attached PDF file of the
September history, on Page 2 (second page after title cover) it reads:

“In addition, the following officer and men were placed on indefinite D.S.
[detached service] with the squadron [433d] from the 40th Air Engineering
Squadron for the purpose of providing third echelon maintenance:
[list of names]
Pfc. Hosey, Mark J.

Later on page 3 of the October 1946 report in the same file, it mentions that
he was promoted to Corporal on 15 October 1946.  I’ve placed a notation around
that too.

So it looks as if in at least September-October 1946 he was in Japan and was
detached for service with the 433d Fighter Squadron.  The pictures that you
sent match other pictures of the squadron airplanes in later histories.  I’ll
send those along as well.


Mark Hosey Jr. service record

This is the initial service record found by my friend William Butler, a historian with the USAF:

From WWII Army Enlistment Records the following:

Person:  Mark Hosey Jr
Level of Education:  2 years of high school
Marital Status:  Single, without dependents
Birth:  1927  Alabama
Residence:  Place: Chilton County, Alabama
Branch: Army
Enlistment Date:  10 Jun 1946
Army Branch:  No branch assignment
Army Component:  Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers,
and Enlisted Men)
Army Serial Number:  44107296
Enlistment Place:  Westover Field Chicopee Falls Massachusetts
Enlistment Term:  One year enlistment
Source of Army Personnel:  Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or recall to AD of
an enlisted man who had been transferred to the ERC

From U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010, the
Person: Mark Hosey
Gender: Male
Social Security Number:
Birth: 16 Jul 1927
Death: 01 Nov 2004
Branch: Air Force
Enlistment Date: 01 Nov 1954
Organization: Air Force
Organization Code: AF
Release Date:01 Feb 1970