Various scraps: England, Paris, Japan, Korea, Barcelona

leave japan
Leave chit from 433rd Fighter Squadron
paris barcelona ticket 02
Plane ticket from Paris (Invalides) to Barcelona 7 July 1953
upper hayford 1952
Pass from Upper Heyford RAF Base, 25 Jan 1952
paris 01
Handbill for Le Troubadour, 7 rue Fromentin. Metro stations Blanche and Pigalle.
paris barcelona ticket
Ticket from Paris to Barcelona, 7 July 1953.
enlisted club itami
Membership card, enlisted men’s club, Itami AAB, Japan.
itami 1946 mess ticket
Mess card, Itami AAB “December”
VA Auburn card
Veteran’s Administration ID card for Fall 1947 and Winter 1948. Dad went to Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn) for three semesters on the GI Bill.
train ticket 1953
Boat train June 7, 1953 from Victoria station to Newhaven.

japan 1946 beer label

September 2, 1946 Kimpo, Korea
September 2, 1946 Kimpo, Korea

The Barcelona files 1950s

20040501 16AF History of the 16th Air Force

This history was written by my friend Bill Butler, who emailed me this:

You mentioned he was in Spain in the mid-1950s to help with the basing of
strategic forces there.  I used to be the historian for the organization that
conducted that mission, although in 2003 it was located in Italy (having moved
from Spain in 1992).  I put together a short history during its 50th
anniversary in 2004, as attached.  Thought you might be interested since your
father participated in a lot of that early effort.  The histories for that
organization are at Maxwell too.